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Started in 1867 by Adrien Celeste Pillion, who was the priest in the village of Ecruis in the Oise, the manufacture of silverware quickly expanded towards the "Arts of the Table" and took on the name Ercuis. For more than 100 years, Ercuis has been found on all the most prestigious tables including such legends as The Orient Express, The Normandie, The Ritz and The Plaza Athénée. Made in France.

Mother of Pearl
Mother of Pearl "Spoon"

Price: $9.00

Dish sold separately. Approximately 4" Length This mother of pearl spoon is the perfect accessory to our mother of pearl dish. Care instructions: Hand wash in warm soapy water. Store in case to prevent chipping.

Mother of Pearl Dish Large Size
Mother of Pearl Dish Large Size

Price: $12.00

7" W X 4.5" L with 3 Shell Legs

Martini Caviar Server
Martini Caviar Server

Price: $13.00

Hip cocktail lounge styling for the home party. This clever two-part martini caviar server glass keeps your caviar on ice when it's not in your hand. 

Hand wash recommended & will hold anywhere from 2 - 4 oz of fresh caviar 

Dimension: 4" Diameter & 4" High.